• 15 Total Hectares.
  • 120 meters of coastline with 60 meters of a high capacity quay prepared for simultaneous operation of two cranes and a minimum depth of 10 feet all year round.
  • Ro-Ro Ramp south of the pier for Special Cargo Operations.
  • More than 4,500 TEUS Yard Slots.
  • Emergency Generators.
  • 2,500 m2 of Closed Warehouses with more than 2,000 Slots for palletized cargo in racks.
  • National’s Service for Plant and Seeds Quality and Health (SENAVE) authorization for chemicals storage and transport according to FAQ Technical Standards.
  • Customs Warehousing.
  • More than 240 Plugs for Refrigerated Containers.




Terport has an extensive range of equipments to ensure the smooth and efficient undertaking of all Terminal Operations amongs which we can mention:

  • Liebherr 100% Electric Fixed Cargo Crane (FCC) with a 45 Tons Lifting Capacity.

  • 3 Mobile Cranes with over 80 Tons Lifting Capacity.

  • Several Reachstackers for empty and full container handling.

  • Several Forklifts of 2.5 Tons, 3 Tons and 8 Tons of Lifting Capacity to ensure the handling of all types of cargo.

  • Trucks for Inland Transportation.

  • Grain Stuffing Vacuum and Conveyor Belt for Containers.